A student’s guide to securing a placement

Whether you are considering undertaking a placement in the UK or abroad, sandwich placement years are a great opportunity to gain further industry knowledge, enhance employability skills, evaluate ideas for your career prospects, and to help you confidently transition to the professional world. You can reflect on your placement through coursework, as the University offers... Continue Reading →


Careers prospects with an Arts/Design degree: Words of advice from Coventry University Alumni

Graduates of Arts/Design degrees have a range of opportunities open to them, in fields such as advertising and marketing, graphic design, publishing, web design or animation. Although there are a variety of jobs in this sector, many people choose to work on a freelance basis. This can be difficult for students to consider as freelancing... Continue Reading →

8 Top Tips For Your Post-Easter Job Hunt

We’re almost at the end of the Easter break: egg hunts are complete, family visits ticked off, and exams and deadlines are looming. Besides providing an excuse to eat your entire body weight in Lindt chocolate bunnies, Easter also signifies reinvention and new beginnings. It’s an ideal time to apply for summer jobs, placements or... Continue Reading →

How events can help to shape your Career

I am a first-year International Business Management student who has always had many interests, making it a near-impossible task to choose just one profession in the future! This is why, since I became an official student at Coventry University, I have been involved in several business-related events to evaluate the market, gain some inspiration about... Continue Reading →

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