Career prospects with a Journalism degree: Words of advice from Coventry University ​graduates

The term 'Journalist' is often merged with many definitions, and as such a broad career choice, it can often be challenging for students to decide which path to take after graduating University. Many roles within Journalism fall under radio, print, and TV, however the invaluable skills that are gained such as creative writing, research and... Continue Reading →


Alumni testimonial: Careers Coach at Coventry University

I’m Evie, a Careers Coach within the Careers team at Coventry University. As an alumni of the university, I have worked within Careers for just under a year now. I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Business and Human Resource Management in October 2018. I chose my degree based on that fact I... Continue Reading →

What do you ask the Interviewers?

If you want to propel into the upper echelons of your desired industry, you’re likely to have to attend numerous interviews. Across from the panel, you’ll be put through your paces with question after question; be they potential scenarios, tests of your knowledge of the company and possibly the unexpected bizarre questions. But then, there... Continue Reading →

Coming to Cov Uni? Make your time count!

An important lesson that I took away from university is to make the most of every year (and I don't just mean socially!) You’re probably starting university with the idea that getting a degree will make you more employable. Whilst it will certainly open doors to graduate opportunities at the end, a degree alone doesn't... Continue Reading →

15 things NOT to put on your CV

Writing your CV can be a tricky job. There are so many things to consider. You have to tailor your CV to the particular job that you are applying for by including all the relevant skills and giving evidence for these, you have to lay the information out clearly so as to be understood and to ensure that it actually gets read, and you must also select the right sections that most effectively demonstrate your unique skills and experiences.

Whilst (annoyingly) there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to CVs, there are certain things that you should refrain from saying on your CV to avoid it landing in the bin. Below I have put together a list of things NOT to put on your CV that we often witness in careers guidance sessions at the Careers Service. <a href=""> Read More...

Me, Myself and Google

As you may already know by now, my name is Sean. What you probably didn't know is that in 1995 I got my first computer from a small computer store in my local Asda (Windows 95 with a 15" CRT monitor and dial up! #idontliketobrag). I was lucky enough to be part of the first... Continue Reading →

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