15 things NOT to put on your CV

Writing your CV can be a tricky job. There are so many things to consider. You have to tailor your CV to the particular job that you are applying for by including all the relevant skills and giving evidence for these, you have to lay the information out clearly so as to be understood and to ensure that it actually gets read, and you must also select the right sections that most effectively demonstrate your unique skills and experiences. Whilst (annoyingly) there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to CVs, there are certain things that you should refrain from saying on your CV to avoid it landing in the bin. Below I have put together a list of things NOT to put on your CV that we often witness in careers guidance sessions at the Careers Service. <a href=""> Read More...


Evidencing your skills – Seeing really IS believing

Picture the scene, you are at a bar and you get talking to a group of people that you have never met before – minutes into the conversation, you turn your attention towards one of the group, and ask... “So then, tell me about yourself” To which they reply “My name is Sean, and I... Continue Reading →

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