Thrifty tips for building your graduate working (women’s) wardrobe

Congratulations, graduate, you've got a job! Gone are the days of having kitchen cupboards filled with bland, soggy noodles and looking like an advert for Sainsbury’s basics. You’re now entering the world of work as a professional and independent woman and you need to dress the part. Go forth and go shopping! But hold on... Continue Reading →


Tales of a Trainee Teacher: A Final Reflection

In the beginningI first considered a career in teaching in my second year at University. Whilst studying for my degree in English and TEFL I was in the process of training for my TEFL qualification which involved teaching a class of around 15 multilingual adults for 40 minutes every two weeks. I loved almost everything... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Volunteering

One of the most well learned lessons that I took away from University is that making the most of the opportunities and support available to you could be crucial for deciding your fate as a graduate. Sadly, many students don’t recognize the importance of fully utilizing their time at University until after they’ve left and... Continue Reading →

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