8 Career lessons you can learn from Disney

I have always been a massive Disney fan. In reception, I remember being asked by my teacher what we wanted to be when we grew up. All the kids in my class wanted to be firefighters, nurses and police officers.  I, of course, wanted to be the little mermaid. Unsurprisingly, my dream didn’t come true,... Continue Reading →


Choosing a Career? Don’t follow your passion

Speak to any well-meaning teacher, parent or friend about what to do with your life and no doubt their advice will revolve around the same theme: 'follow your passion.’ This adage seems to be branded as the single most important ingredient for creating a satisfying career. So if everyone is telling you this, it must... Continue Reading →

New Year, new (employable) me!

If you swore you’d run that marathon this year but your trainers have yet to see the light of day, don’t despair. News year’s resolutions aside, here are some easy peasy employability goals for each month of semester two that you can actually stick to. January: Upgrade your social media presence With technology playing a... Continue Reading →

Transferable Skills

SCROLL DOWN the presentation for best viewing. OR click slideshare logo for fullsize viewing. Transferable Skills  Ryan Walker Coventry University Careers (We do not own any of these images.)

Skype Interview – Don’t Freak Out

Skype Interview - Don't freak out Thursday morning you open your mailbox and there it is! The email that you have been waiting for all week! Without any hesitation you open it and you are invited for an interview next week. However, when you read the email you realise that this is not a standard... Continue Reading →

What do you ask the Interviewers?

If you want to propel into the upper echelons of your desired industry, you’re likely to have to attend numerous interviews. Across from the panel, you’ll be put through your paces with question after question; be they potential scenarios, tests of your knowledge of the company and possibly the unexpected bizarre questions. But then, there... Continue Reading →

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