You have an Interview – Great! But have you done your Research?

Whether it is quantitative, qualitative, secondary or primary data – during your time at university, you will have developed and utilised your research skills in some shape or form. This is why I often find it bemusing that undergraduate and postgraduate students often fail to carry out the simple task of researching potential employers and... Continue Reading →


Me, Myself and Google

As you may already know by now, my name is Sean. What you probably didn't know is that in 1995 I got my first computer from a small computer store in my local Asda (Windows 95 with a 15" CRT monitor and dial up! #idontliketobrag). I was lucky enough to be part of the first... Continue Reading →

Writing a Professional Email

Each morning as I sift through the Central Careers Service inbox, I often find myself amazed at the amount of unprofessional and often careless emails received from students. Whether you’re sending an email to an employer, a lecturer or someone that you have never met, it is essential to be professional, polite and to the... Continue Reading →

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