Volunteering Opportunities


Unpaid work experience or in other words volunteering can bring a bouquet of benefits to students who are done with most of their assignments and the graduates searching for placements can also volunteer which in return can boost their CV. The experience that you will get from volunteering can be transferred to skills required for the job you want to apply.

How do I know what skills are necessary for the job? Looking at some job descriptions and person specifications can help to have a clearer picture of the skills required and after completion you can link the activities to the skills required. For example, fundraising can be transferred to customer service skills and communication skills.

In addition students can also benefit from volunteering because they can meet people from different industries and sectors and enhance their “following list” on LinkedIn. This is a great opportunity to keep yourself in the loop with the recruitment of the companies that you are following. Be one of the first one to find out about recruitment not only on LinkedIn but also within the company you are volunteering. Vacancies can be advertised both externally and internally and you can be one of the first one to apply – you would know where to look for them.

What about satisfaction from results and helping communities? Surely there are other benefits that can be gained from volunteering but you would only know if you volunteer…

Students wanting to do some activities over the summer with an arrangement of flexible working have inspired the Career and Add+vantage department to launch Volunteering Opportunities Bulletin which are going to be posted on the CovUniCareers blog every Friday.


Keep up with Careers and check the first bulletin on the 16th May.




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