Careers prospects with an Arts/Design degree: Words of advice from Coventry University Alumni

Graduates of Arts/Design degrees have a range of opportunities open to them, in fields such as advertising and marketing, graphic design, publishing, web design or animation. Although there are a variety of jobs in this sector, many people choose to work on a freelance basis. This can be difficult for students to consider as freelancing... Continue Reading →


6 tips for looking after your mental health at work or university

We all have moments where the pressures of life get on top of us, but practicing self-care as part of our routine can help us to cope in more positive ways.  As its Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve put together 6 tips on managing your mental health at work or university. 1.Take a break It can... Continue Reading →

How events can help to shape your Career

I am a first-year International Business Management student who has always had many interests, making it a near-impossible task to choose just one profession in the future! This is why, since I became an official student at Coventry University, I have been involved in several business-related events to evaluate the market, gain some inspiration about... Continue Reading →

New Year, new (employable) me!

If you swore you’d run that marathon this year but your trainers have yet to see the light of day, don’t despair. News year’s resolutions aside, here are some easy peasy employability goals for each month of semester two that you can actually stick to. January: Upgrade your social media presence With technology playing a... Continue Reading →

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