What can you learn abroad?

During my recent holiday to Spain, sitting by the pool with nothing but a smile on my face, Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance came on the radio. I was instantly reminded that this song was named one of the best hits of this century by the Rolling Stones magazine. I also realised that this song is... Continue Reading →


Applying for jobs: what I’ve learnt so far

Are you graduating from university and have started to apply for jobs, but are stuck and unsure what to do? Do you want advice that can save you time and stress? If the answer is yes, then Careers can help! I started the job application process almost two months ago and expected it to be... Continue Reading →

How to land a Tier 2 Sponsored Job

As an international student, my job search was tough and all I wanted was to find someone who has been through the same difficulties. I met with another graduate who had the same experiences and was successful, and this inspired me, but I wish I could have read more about it. I hope through my... Continue Reading →

A student’s guide to securing a placement

Whether you are considering undertaking a placement in the UK or abroad, sandwich placement years are a great opportunity to gain further industry knowledge, enhance employability skills, evaluate ideas for your career prospects, and to help you confidently transition to the professional world. You can reflect on your placement through coursework, as the University offers... Continue Reading →

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