Alumni Testimonial: Nicole Ell, HR Business Partner at Nissan

How did you get into your current role? I completed the Business Management (BA) hons at Coventry University in 2014 and achieved a first class degree. This involved undertaking a 1 Year Placement at GlaxoSmithKline which kick-started my career in HR. Upon graduation I then had a years' experience at Jaguar Land Rover where I... Continue Reading →


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New Year, new (employable) me!

If you swore you’d run that marathon this year but your trainers have yet to see the light of day, don’t despair. News year’s resolutions aside, here are some easy peasy employability goals for each month of semester two that you can actually stick to. January: Upgrade your social media presence With technology playing a... Continue Reading →

An evening with Maisie Williams

As a third-year Journalism Student thrust under the spotlight for an interview with one of Britain’s most acclaimed young actors, I should’ve been the most nervous person in the room. However, the lump in the throat also belonged to most of the Careers team, gathered in the Green Room in excitement and anticipation for the... Continue Reading →

Focus your free time

One semester into the new study year and we find ourselves bombarded with coursework, reading lists, and bizarre terminology alongside new societies to join, voluntary and placement opportunities, and of course an endless supply of Dominos vouchers because supposedly that’s all we eat! If, like my eager mind, you were compelled to seize every opportunity... Continue Reading →

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