Information Sheets

Career Decisions

All About Careers – 2015 

An Introductory Guide to Teacher Training April 2013

Looking for Part Time and Vacation Work (April 2013)

Further and Post Graduate Study 2013

Working for SMEs – 2013

Work Experience Placements – 2013

Exploring Career Directions April 2013

Working for the Public Sector – 2013

Working for the Third Sector – 2013

Course Choice – Are you on the Right Course 2013

Developing your Core Skills

Creative Job Hunt (March 2013)

CJH 2of4 The Planned Happenstance Approach 2013

CJH 3of4 Building Networks 2013

CJH 4of4 Marketing Yourself 2013

Balancing Job Hunt with Study 2013

Learn a Language – Opportunities

Know your Skills, get the Job – 2013

Skills Audit 2013

Employment Policy

National Insurance

Get that Job

Finding Company Information

Online Job Boards – Make sure your CV is Top of the List

Using Social Media to Supplement your Job Search – 2013

Recruitment and Employment Agencies – 2013

Psychometric and ability testing

Work Experience and Where to Find it – 2013

CVs for Clinical Professions

Job Hunting for Graduates

Useful Links

Useful Websites: International 2013-2014

Useful Websites AD 2013-2014

Useful Websites BES 2013-2014

Useful Websites EC 2013-2014

Useful Websites HLS 2013-2014


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