Every week, usually on a Tuesday, we send out a EC Bulletin with vacancies, events and articles relevant for engineering and computing students. You should automatically be receiving it, but if you’re not or indeed you’re not an EC student but would like to be receiving it, email us and tell us at

Data Capture

Be a brand manager and capture important information for JLR. Gain monetary awards and increase your own profile simultaneously.

JLR Data Capture Brief – Coventry

Useful external articles for Engineering & Computing students


On target: defence career guide for graduate engineers

Defence – which brings in one of the widest ranges of engineering disciplines of any sector – offers graduates a host of opportunities at the cutting edge of technology


Flight path: aerospace career guide for graduate engineers

Aerospace is one of the UK’s most important and most exciting engineering sectors, offering graduates a wealth of job opportunities across the country.

Upcoming Engineering & Computing Presentations and Workshops


EC Presentation EC Fair

EC Presentation Preparing for Assessment Centres

EC Presentation AC


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