Careers prospects with an Arts/Design degree: Words of advice from Coventry University Alumni

Graduates of Arts/Design degrees have a range of opportunities open to them, in fields such as advertising and marketing, graphic design, publishing, web design or animation. Although there are a variety of jobs in this sector, many people choose to work on a freelance basis. This can be difficult for students to consider as freelancing... Continue Reading →


The Power of Networking: My Trip to New York City

Brits have God Save The Queen as their national anthem; Americans sing The Star-Spangled Banner. The United Kingdom is guarded by a lion; the United States have a bald eagle. But there is only one dream: The American Dream! As far as I am concerned, the American Dream can be summed up in 3s’: Successful,... Continue Reading →

How events can help to shape your Career

I am a first-year International Business Management student who has always had many interests, making it a near-impossible task to choose just one profession in the future! This is why, since I became an official student at Coventry University, I have been involved in several business-related events to evaluate the market, gain some inspiration about... Continue Reading →

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