The Coventry University Careers & Add+vantage office is located on the first floor of the Hub Building. Our advisers are available to assist with:

  • CV, application form and cover letter writing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Planning your career
  • Choosing your course and modules
  • Deciding on further study
  • Developing important graduate employability skills
  • Identifying employers and vacancies that will be of interest to you
  • Finding part time work
  • Identifying your unique selling points (USPs)
  • Learning how to market your skills
  • Exploring all potential employment and study opportunities at home and abroad
  • Making the most of your time at university and learning how to use your experiences productively in the graduate jobs market

If you would like to book an appointment to speak to a Careers Consultant and take advantage of the advice offered above then please contact us on 02477652011.

Note; some views expressed in this blog are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of the entire Coventry University Careers and Add+vantage Service or Coventry University as a whole.


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