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Issues Facing Students with Disabilities

Main Source (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services – AGCAS)

Studies have shown that disabled graduates are not having as much success in the job market as those without disabilities. This cannot obviously be applied across the all students and universities, but where it is the case, the following reasons are seen as some of the root causes:

  • A Lack of confidence among disabled applicants around applying for work
  • Students not always disclosing disabilities, meaning employers can’t act to help
  • A lack of promotion of disability rights meaning candidates are unsure of their next steps and what/if to disclose
  • Some disabilities and conditions can make interviews and assessment centres (often day long assessments with a recruiter) even more challenging and stressful
  • A lack of awareness over the wide range of skills students have to offer, from the students themselves and employers
  • A lack of understanding among employers about disability

Please see some of the other sections in this feature to support your decision making. There will be advice on employability, the law and a list of useful resources.

Accurate up to April 25 2016, Euan McCall


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