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Flash Fiction

Blog by Tara Rutledge – Volunteer Student for Central Careers 

“I miss reading. I miss setting aside a whole day, or two or three, to fall in love with a story and walk in another person’s shoes. Nowadays my reading quota seems to be filled up with browsing articles on the internet and reading random things that pop up on my Facebook feed. Not that I’m such a book snob that I don’t consider that reading, but it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

So when I recently discovered flash fiction I got very excited. From the 100 word drabble to the slightly more action packed 500 – 1000 word short, every micro story gives you a chance to escape into another world for a brief part of the day. Taking just a few minutes to read, they can be devoured on the bus ride to work or squeezed in between lectures or read just before your head hits the pillow.

Amazon are currently offering two collections of flash fiction for FREE on the kindle, so if, like me, you miss reading because life no longer seems to allow you the free time, please give them a go. I’ve committed to try and fit in just one story a day. I started last night before bed and surprised myself by reading, not one, but three! If you’d like to try them out for yourself the two collections are available, for free, right here:”

Link One

Link Two 


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