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Application Process: Step by Step Guide

Is it your first time applying for a job and you don’t know what to expect from the application process? Don’t worry, here is a brief summary of different techniques used in the application process.booze-bus

Let’s start with a Job Description and Person Specification

How many of us thought that we are going to be good at performing a particular job without even looking at the job description? Candidates can’t rely on an attractive job title as this is a marketing strategy used by employers to raise more interest and applications for the job.

We all have heard terms like Job Description and ‘Person Spec’ (Specification) but what do they actually tell us and what’s the difference between the two? A job description lists necessary information about the job such as location, duties, reporting system etc. It is important to remember that, each role will require a different set of skills. Therefore, this explains a well-known fact that ‘There is no such thing as a standard CV or Cover Letter’ because it is difficult to create a unique CV which covers all possible skills and at same time the CV is 2 pages long. On the other hand, ‘person spec’ lists skills, qualities and other competences that employers are looking for in the candidate.

‘How to apply’

There is nothing more disappointing than working really hard to create your CV and tailoring it towards the job and then realising that employers were asking to fill in an application form. Want to avoid this kind of disappointment? Always check the job description carefully and check what the application process entails.

What can you expect from the initial application process? You will probably find that for most graduate schemes (large-sized organisations) you will need to fill in an application form. On some occasions employers will request a CV and Cover Letter. Click here, to get some tips on CV and Cover Letter writing.

What’s next?

Coming back to the initial stage, (checking job description and person spec) employers inform candidates about their application process on their company website and if you have checked the information you know what to expect. Yes, as easy as that!

Large companies may adopt different screening techniques such as ‘Talent Management Test’ and other psychometric tests in order to further examine candidates’ skills and see whether the skills they possess match the criteria (skills and qualities mentioned in the job description). Candidates who successfully complete all these tests will go onto the next stage which probably will be either an assessment centre (involves a different range of activities to examine your skills and behaviours in real life situations) or a telephone interview.

Small and medium-sized organisations tend to adopt a simpler application process due to cost implications and probably won’t ask you to complete tests meaning you will be invited for an interview if you are successful.

Thank you for attending your recent interview

‘Thank you for attending your recent interview’ is the email you will get after attending an interview. If the email does not sound positive – don’t worry! Always adopt a positive approach and learn from your mistakes and ask employers to give you feedback. Read it carefully and take into consideration both positive and negative comments as they will help you in the future.

If you require any assistance with applications please do not hesitate to contact the Careers Team on 02477652011 and book your appointment today.



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