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Social Media Part Time Roles and Freelancing for Students


It’s the bane of student life (and the lifestyle). Attempting to balance your studies with a social life… but then being able to afford having a social life too. You obviously want one and part of the experience of being at university is being able to enjoy yourself outside of it. But ‘fun’ requires a ‘D’ and ‘S’ after it; ‘FUNDS!’ (If you hadn’t worked that out). So that requires an extra sum to the equation which is being able to squeeze in part time work.

Students attend the weekly part time job workshops (Wednesday 1pm – 2pm and 2pm – 3pm) and will visit our WordPress site seeking the part time jobs bulletin seeking a job they can fit around their current studies and other extracurricular activities. This is a good approach to take!

However, what if you could secure one that not only fits easily around your current life, but also pays better than most other part time jobs and simultaneously enhances your employability more so than the average PT job?

Social media is huge now! This probably is not new news to you. However, what may be new news to you is the quantity of remote social media jobs there are out there. There are so many growing and established companies and organisations out there that need someone to take charge of their social media accounts. And who better than a student; a demographic who tends to use social media to the point you could add the prefix ‘over’ to the word ‘use’. But this is not a bad thing! The average age group of students are those who have grown up using it and will have a good idea on just how to use it effectively.

Young men and women holding mobile phones

Students tend to be media savvy; venting their words daily on multiple personal accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Sharing images with friends on Instagram and Snapchat. Short videos are posted on Instagram, Vine, Vimeo and the leader, YouTube. And any other channels including Google+, Pinterest and blogs, etc. The list goes on. Many students also run other pages aside from their personal ones. Blogs on fashion, make-up, employability. Pages on cars, aviation or just zany viral trending videos. This personal experience puts you in a highly advantageous positon to secure a role doing this and being paid for it! Something you probably enjoy!

I speak from wreaking the benefits of this myself. As well as working for Careers and Add+vantage, I also work as the Social Media Strategist and Community Manager for ‘bikepacking’ manufacturer Apidura. I manage the companies’ Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts with some contribution to other digital content such as the website and Google+ and Linkedin. This allows me to work flexibly outside of my current office hours.

Securing a role like this is going to improve your commercial awareness greatly. You’ll become more esteemed in market research. You’re likely to improve your ability to write and more specifically, write concisely and in a manner that is engaging and stimulating to readers. Depending on the company you work for, it may be something you already have some great knowledge and deeper understanding in or something you are currently studying. However, if you are looking to go into journalism, or possibly marketing of some sort, or any kind of creative role, this type of experience is going to shimmer like a piece of foil to a magpie on your CV and job applications when you come to graduate; especially if it is specifically applicable to the area you intend to work in. And if you wish to possibly pursue a career in social media, it’s a no-brainer to try and start early!

There are so many remote social media vacancies out there, paid and unpaid, of which most will not ask for much or any professional experience. They will ask you to evidence your capacity to work well on the platforms they use. Your ability to describe that you can is half of the battle won; as is flaunting your writing capabilities. Securing a role such as these is great for your schedule, work experience and wallet.




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