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 Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. Mark Twain
We live not only in a world of thoughts, but also in a world of things. Words without experience are meaningless. Vladimir Nabokov
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A Blog Writer/Blogger. Sound appealing to you? Have you ever considered writing a blog? If so, how do you choose a topic to write about? How do you know what interests people? These are the sorts of questions bloggers encounter even if they have a considerable amount of experience of blog writing. This blog has been put together for those who consider making the first step into the writers’ world or who are veterans in blogging.

Benefits of Blogging and Preparation

Still in doubt as to whether you need a blog? Writing blogs can be a very beneficial skill when applying for jobs, especially jobs in marketing and customer-facing environments. Firstly, the obvious reason, writing blogs can improve your writing skills and enhance your attention to detail. Secondly, blog writing might be a desirable skill in the Person Specification.

If you are new to blogging it is worth looking at the technical aspects such as finding a platform, setting up your account, whether you want your blogs to be interactive (if so what social media accounts to use etc.). For this reason, knowing the purpose of your blog is crucial.

Who is your target audience? Your article should be interesting and informative to your chosen audience because you don’t really want to end up with just a couple of readers?

Not sure what to write about? Do some internet research as it can help you to find a worthy topic area that you can relate to. Writing about something you have no idea about isn’t the best idea unless you have facts to expand on. If you have a passion for something – write about it as your enthusiasm will shine through.

Is writing blogs just for creative people? No, everyone can write a blog! You can write a blog on various topics and as long as you can demonstrate your understanding of the topic and highlight exciting/important points – you are on the right track!


Firstly, it is useful to draft a plan or at least to structure your blog. Divide your text into sections and come up with headings – this makes it easier to absorb information. When you write the blog stick to your topic area and do not go off the topic otherwise you may end up confusing your readers.


How to start? Your introduction should provide a really brief outline of the things covered in your blog and provide some reasons to entice the reader to read further. In other words, identify the unique selling points of the blog but do not go into details at this point – leave a room for thoughts and questions. Would you read a book if everything is outlined in the introduction?

How much do you write? It depends on your writing style. Some bloggers can write really short blogs and exhibit all information they want to share, some prefer long sentences explaining each and every detail. Try to think from the reader’s perspective – are you happy to read 5 pages or just 1 page? As a general rule keep it simple and short.

How can you enhance your blog? Consider using visual resources to make your blog easier to absorb. There are a variety of resources to choose from: upload pictures or create graphs, videos or infographic. Do you have something to share from your personal experience? If so, brilliant! This is a great opportunity to provide real life examples. However, remember who your target audience is and be mindful not to divulge too much personal information

The Last Glance

Checking spelling and grammar is definitely rule number one. If you write your draft in a WordDoc do not always rely on the automatic spell checker and re-read your text again. Ask your friends/colleagues to proof read it for you. Someone knowledgeable is great but at the end of the day don’t forget that this is your piece of work. Lastly, ensure that the formatting remains the same when you publish it (practical tip: some platforms offer preview buttons).

Karina 🙂


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