A different approach to your application process: Video Resume

A different approach to your application process: Video Resume

Have you ever considered applying a creative approach to your applications, whether it is a graduate scheme or permanent role? Consider this: Adam Pacitti sent paper based CVs to over 200 perspective employers. After realising this conventional method wasn’t having any impact, he decided to take an extreme approach by hiring a billboard referring potential employers to his online video. Creating a video CV that emphasises your essential and desirable skills can be a great tool to demonstrate your presentation skills and stand out from the crowd. A video CV does not need to be restricted to certain sectors. It can benefit an applicant who wishes to make an impact with an array of employers. Therefore, if you wish to pursue a career in an engineering industry – just do it and demonstrate your creative side.

Before undertaking the practical side of the filming process, first, you need to do some research and plan a structure of a video CV as with any standard application. These are some steps to consider before you start filming:

  • Research the market/industry that interests you.
  • Identify skills/aptitudes/qualities and experience you possess. In other words – Unique Selling Points (USP).
  • Think about how the afore-mentioned can be promoted to prospective customers and the employer.
  • Explore creative job hunting – is the particular tactic appropriate for your audience?

When the whole planning process is complete, it is time to look at the guidelines below for making video CVs. These have been researched from various resources, and the personal experience of the blogger (me) and media students who assisted me during the filming process.

♦ It is really important to plan that what you are going to say is short, specific, and links to the skills required in the chosen industry. Filming a video for 5 minutes would probably summarise all of the experience you have, but thinking from the employer’s perspective – do they really have time to watch the whole video? Just think about when you have to watch a long video (do you skip some parts, right?). For this reason, filming a video that is short and precise may entice perspective employers to ring you and ask for more information.

♦ You might consider filming a video CV just for one specific company, or one, that would be tailored for various companies belonging to one industry. Just make sure that the experience you are going to mention applies to the chosen companies.

♦ Following the CAR (Context, Action, Result) model would help you to hit all the right buttons as you would not only list the skills you possess but also provide supporting evidence.

♦ Contemplate the filming place – if you decide to film your online resume outside, like I did, consider where you are going to film, in terms of background, noise, people walking behind you, and in my case – the sun. I could barely open my eyes because of the sun shining straight on me.

♦ Dress appropriately as if you are in a real interview because you want to make the right impression. This is where your body language comes in too, a candidate that smiles and uses gestures would probably make a more positive impression than a candidate that is crossing his/her arms and taking the ‘Mr. Always Right’ position (sitting one leg over other).

♦ Check your video before you send it to an employer.

♦ It takes some time to film a good quality and presentable online resume, therefore try not to rush the filming process. Finding the right resources such as a camera, writing a script, seeking people who can assist you and watching other CV videos can help you identify an approach that is right for you.

♦ It is not recommended to read from your script because with the online resume you are demonstrating your presentation skills. There is nothing to stop you from having a paper with bullet points in front of you, but don’t shuffle papers.

♦ Filming everything in one take can make it more difficult to cut/replace parts you are not happy with and want to get rid of. In addition, when editing (IMovie or Movie Maker can be used) cut the part where you switch the camera on/off.

♦ Film your online resume with people who you feel comfortable with because if you feel shy or distracted, it might have an impact on your video and you may not give your best.

♦If you decide to enhance your video with different visual materials such as pictures, quotes from your past employers, don’t “overdo” it because your audience will want to see you talking rather than just hearing your voice in the background.

♦Finally, remember that your online resume is just one part of the application process so it is important to do other things right too.

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Good Luck!

Karina 🙂



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