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Add+vantage Module Info Update

As I’m sure you know, Add+vantage module registration opened on Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th of April for Stage 2 and Stage 3 courses respectively. Since then, 58% of eligible students have made their module choice on NOVA! As you can well imagine, popular choices have filled up fast. This year, for the first time, students have had the option to choose their module cohort (semester and day) on NOVA. As predicted Term 1 cohorts always seem to be the most popular and fill up rapidly.


The most popular Add+vantage modules by a long way are the A200CAW and A300CAW Academic Writing modules. It seems clear, from students I’ve spoken to, that these modules are ideal for perfecting writing abilites for essays and other written assignments, especially the final year module. We are currently looking into the possibility of running an extra occurence of these modules although there is no guarantee of this. If this is possible, we will put an announcement on the homepage of the Add+vantage Scheme Student Portal webpage.


The ever popular Counselling Skills modules (Intermediate A245CAR and Advanced A316CAR) have proven to yet again entice lots of students. The modules are great enhancers in interpersonal skills, which I myself have benefited from taking when I studied here. Although both of these modules are filling up very quickly, they are both still available.


One thing I’ve noticed; the stage 2 module A202SGI Android Development Skills is completely full and yet the stage 3 module A301SGI iPhone Development Skills is not… Apple won’t be happy.


If you haven’t already made your choice, make sure you do it ASAP. And here are a few things to remember…


  • You have until the 19th May to change your module selection on NOVA. After this date, you will be fully committed to your chosen module and will not be able to change it at any point. Therefore, choose your module wisely and ensure you make any module changes by 19th May.
  • If your preferred module selection box on NOVA is unselectable and ‘greyed’ out, it’s because it’s full!
  • Read the module info on the student portal and the Module Information Directory. These resources contain lots of information including details about the module assessment – the most common query from students.
  • If you’re currently on a gap year or are a part time student, contact us directly via or by calling 02477652011 to make your choice.
  • The deadline to apply for one of the JLR, Severn Trent Water or Enterprise Rent-A-Car modules has been extended to 9th May. These modules are ideal for improving your chances of securing an exciting graduate job and are fantastic opportunity to gain direct industrial insight. Apply now by writing an email to describing in 250 words where you see yourself in four years time. Grab this opportunity with both hands.
  • If you’re trying to select a language or another course where it won’t let you because you have not taken the pre-requisite module, contact us directly if you believe you do indeed have previous knowledge of the language which would put you up to the level in question i.e. ‘Lower Intermediate’.
  • If you’re looking to do one of the Global Experience modules, you need to email the module leader directly for details about the application process. You can’t select these modules via NOVA. There is no guarantee of you getting a place on one of these modules so whilst you wait for confirmation, we recommend you choose a back-up selection on NOVA.


If you’re still unsure about what choice to make, read the blog we posted prior to registration week on choosing your Add+vantage.


Finally, if there is any feedback you’d like to leave us, particularly about the new NOVA registration system, please do! Comment on this post or email us at



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