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New Add+vantage Modules; Level 3’s

Choosing Your Add+vantage Module (Click here to view full article)


As you may have seen two days ago, I posted a brief overview of the new Level 2 Add+vantage modules in light of the Add+vantage registration date being less than a week away. Here now are the new Level 3 modules and a quick description of what students who take these can expect to experience.

[Click the title of any new Add+vantage listed to take you directly to course page on the student portal for more info.]


Global Experience for Design and Visual Arts – A301DVA

As with the level 2 version of this module, students who choose this module can expect to complete a reflective portfolio detailing the gains from embarking on the international field trip. Again, this course allows students to identify and analyse the eclectic cultural differences in relation to their relevant field.

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**IEMS Grants available


Performing Arts Work Placement- A304PA

Students on the relevant arts degrees will be required to gain either a paid work placement or unpaid internship whereby they can attain experience shadowing an artist, working for an arts organisation, volunteering at a festival, etc. Between 20-30 hours’ worth of placement experience will facilitate an assessment in the form of a presentation.

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Global Experience in Media – A306MC

Like the level 2 version of this Add+vantage, students can expect to reflect on their experiences on this course relevant international field-trip and the implication on their professional development and enhanced employability. On this module, expect to demonstrate increased understanding in and proficiency in the creation of relevant artefacts, their publication and distribution and the relevancy across different cultures.

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**IEMS Grants available


Graduate Employability Scheme – Sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover – A300CES

Although this module is not ‘brand’ new this year, it’s still relatively young in its existence but is also worth mentioning due its significance in sparking the creation of the following two and in regards to its past-year popularity. A tremendously desirable opportunity of employment engagement at one of the world’s most prestigious companies, this module allows for students to identify what skills employers look for in candidates and reflect on their own employability competencies in workshops and mock interviews. 83% of the students on last year’s module secured graduate level jobs with renowned companies including JLR, Rolls Royce, IBM, Severn Trent Water, Bentley and JCB but to name a few.

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***Requires Application


Graduate Employability Scheme – Sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-Car – A302CES

Much like the JLR module described above, this new module offers the chance of direct involvement with, in this case, Enterprise rent-a-Car; exploring technical and non-technical opportunities and further understanding of the recruitment and selection methods adopted by many graduate recruiters. Mock assessments and mock interviews will again provide the basis for a reflective report for the coursework as well as the recruitment related activities.

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***Requires Application


Graduate Employability Scheme – Sponsored by Severn Trent Water – A303CES

Students choosing this module can expect similar circumstances mentioned above but with Severn Trent Water. This new and exclusive opportunity for inside insight into STW will allow students to reflect on their own employability post-mock assessments and interviews. Again, a reflective report and recruitment related activities are the assessment.

*Check Entry Requirements

***Requires Application


Level 3 registration starts Tuesday 15th of April and Level 2 starts the day before, Monday the 14th. Make sure you’re on the ball and ready to select the module you want. Click here to access the full lists for both Level 2 and Level 3 modules for the 2014-2015 academic year.



The choice is yours


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