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New Add+vantage Modules; Level 2’s

Choosing Your Add+vantage Module (Click here to view full article)


As I am very sure you know (if you don’t, now you do!), Add+vantage module registration is swiftly approaching. Coinciding conveniently with the task of choosing your modules for your second or indeed third year, is the chance to pick another exciting and engaging module which can increase your employability exponentially. Don’t just take our word for it; last year, over three quarters of all students believed that their Add+vantage module enhanced their employability. Today, I’m highlighting some of this year’s new Add+vantage modules. As you can see, this post is entitled “Level 2’s” so there will be another post with the new Level 3 modules coming next week.

[Click the title of any new Add+vantage listed to take you directly to course page on the student portal for more info.]


Music Promotion and Performance Work Placement – A205PA

This module allows for the unique opportunity to engage in venue management and engagement with other in the creative and perfomative process. You will be required to create two performances at a professional level and therefore, come away with added portfolio content to later show to employers.

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Global Experience (Taiwan) for GED Students – A204GED

Allowing students to gain highly desirable international experience, in this module you can expect first-hand engagement on the field-trip for between 1-2 weeks. Students on this module can expect gain the opportunity of intercultural conversation and self-reflection in Taiwan and subsequently, a great experience to add to their CVs.

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**IEMS Grants available


Digital and Social Media Project – A203MC

This module very much acknowledges the modern times. Students on this course can expect to be constructing digital and social media communications campaigns, blogging and creating engaging visual and video content for audiences. This module allows students to demonstrate the auspicious combination of both creativity and technical ability.


Global Experience for Design and Visual Arts – A203DVA

Students who choose this module can expect to complete a reflective portfolio detailing the gains from embarking on the international field trip. Again, this course allows students to identify and analyse the diverse cultural differences in relation to their relevant field.

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**IEMS Grants available


An Introduction to VBA using EXCEL – A208MS

This module explores the basics of programming with Visual Basics for Applications for the almost universally used tool that is Microsoft Excel. Students can expect to automate everyday tasks, investigate how the VBAs move beyond the limitations of recorded macros and explore how VBA communicates with Excel.

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Global Experience for Performing Arts: Berlin – A204PA

Performing Arts students who are intuitive enough to choose this module get to conduct creative research into the arts in the vibrant international artistic hub that is Berlin, in conjunction with a creative small spaces institute. Students will complete a reflective portfolio based on their experiences.

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**IEMS Grants available


Planning or Delivering your own Art Exhibition or Event – A204DVA

As fairly comprehensively explained in the modules title, this module allows students to learn and acknowledge what is required prior to an art exhibition or event; including the aesthetics, logistics, technical, electrical, safety and management implications of running such an event.


Social Enterprise Experience: ReFreshed UnLimited – A202DVA

A202DVA allows creative students both work and teaching experience to improve their employability. After students are introduced to UpCycling and the notion of social enterprise, they will be required to investigate consumer and designer trends and apply this to the range of UpCycled products suitable for production by the fashion department ran enterprise.


Global Experience in Media – A202MC

Students can expect to reflect on their experiences on this course relevant international field-trip and the implication on their professional development and enhanced employability. On this module, expect to demonstrate increased understanding in and proficiency in the creation of relevant artefacts, their publication and distribution and the relevancy across different cultures.

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**IEMS Grants available


These are just the new Level 2 modules; remember, there is an entire catalogue of diverse courses to sign up to. To see this years entire Level 2 Add+vantage modules on offer, click here. Also, remember to choose wisely and on time!



The choice is yours


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