Choosing your Add+vantage Module

Add+vantage module selection time is upon us and now is the time to begin considering what module you are going to study next academic year. As you will see from the email you have been sent from the Add+vantage Team, there are a variety of new and existing modules to choose from including global experience modules (field trips to various countries), employer sponsored modules, work experience modules and the list goes on.


Essential Information

This year, Add+vantage module selection will be hosted in NOVA rather than SOLAR.


Registration for current Level 1 students opens on Monday 14th of April 10AM.

Registration for current Level 2 students opens on Tuesday 15th of April at 10AM.


One of the pros of the new registration system is that it allows you to select the cohort (semester, day/time) you would like to study your module. This will help you balance your workload better and gives you more flexibility. You will also be able to pick your course optional modules at the same time and in the same system (click on Preferred Module Registration in NOVA) which makes things easier all round.


Now the most important point of all, once you have selected your Add+vantage Module you have until Monday 19th of May 2014 to make any amendments. After this date has passed you will not be able to change your module or transfer to another module.


With the new deadline introduced, it is really important to ensure that the module you pick is right for you. Here are our quick top tips for you.

  • Do speak to academics, Personal Tutors, the Add+vantage Team or anyone you would deem to be helpful. We are all here to help!
  • Do read the guidance email to help you select and register your module correctly and successfully.
  • Do check the detailed information about the modules you are considering on the MID (Module Information Directory) or on the Student Portal Module Information Sheets. These resources will give you a good overview of the modules as well details about the assessment of the modules.
  • Do your research. Some modules have entry requirements – double check these to ensure you are eligible. The details of the respective module leaders are on the MID and Information Sheets, so if you do have any queries or questions then get in touch with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a module that does not necessarily match your degree subject area. Did you know that 82% of students take a module that is outside of their degree subject area? This shows that a lot of students like to broaden their knowledge and experience.
  • Don’t leave picking your module to the last minute. Some module options are more popular than others and once they are full they are full. Avoid disappointment by being ready on the day module selection goes live.

And if that wasn’t enough here are some tips from the Student Employability Coaches.

“Think long-term when choosing your Add-vantage module. Think of what is it you want to do in the future and which Add-vantage module could give you the skills/experience/knowledge needed to get there.” Jurate

“There are different ways to choose your Add+vantage module. You can choose the one you like and can relate to or you can choose it based on the skills required for your future job. P.S. If you learn new skills (and you will) don’t forget to mention this in your job interviews.” Karina

“Add+vantage modules are a great way to improve the areas that you are weakest in. Try to identify jobs online that you would like to have in the future; look at the skills required for those jobs and select a skill that you either don’t have or are weak in. You can then try to select an Add+vantage module that would improve this skill” Luke

Naomi 🙂

The choice is yours


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