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Searching for a placement/graduate job? Hang in there!

Those of you that are interested in finding a placement or a graduate position may have already submitted many applications or expressions of interest, or even better – have secured a confirmed position. If so congratulations! However, this is not always possible. Chances are that the majority of the individuals reading this blog are still in the process of obtaining a confirmed role.

hang in there cat

I cannot emphasise this enough, but the key thing is for you to not give up hope! Positions can become available right up until the last moment, so ensure that you are still checking all of the key recruitment websites for the area that you are interested in. From my own experiences (from just a few years ago… although it seems a lifetime!), it actually took me until just two months before the start of my final term to secure a sandwich year placement. By this point I had practically given up any hope of getting the work experience that I had wanted.

Here are a few ‘useful website’ sheets that may be of help in your job search:

If you are currently struggling in your job hunt and feel like you require additional support (whether it be with: how to find positions, the application process or choosing between positions) then help is available. Simply call us on 02477 652011 or visit us on the first floor of the Hub building and you will be able to book an appointment with a Careers Consultant.

The Careers Service is currently advertising hundreds of live positions on our vacancy database ( Once you register for an account, I recommend that you utilise the ‘job alerts’ feature. This feature enables you to have vacancies from your chosen sector emailed directly to you – which will save you from having to sift through all of the live positions.



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