Wanting to apply for Graduate Schemes? Go Go GO! (FAQ & schemes that have opened)

One of the most popular questions that we get asked by students is “when do I need to apply for graduate schemes”. Here is a special CovUniCareers Graduate scheme FAQ and a breakdown of some of the early openers.


When do they open?

A) Graduate Schemes open at different times. As you will see from the list below, there are already some open for the forthcoming year – and the term has not yet started! Make sure to find out in advance when the scheme you would like to apply for opens, this will give you the best chance to prepare an amazing application.

• When do they close?

A) This also varies depending on the scheme. Some schemes are advertised as ‘continuous recruitment’ and have no closing date, whereas some will have a deadline date by which you must have submitted your application. For positions advertising ‘continuous recruitment’, it is advisable to submit your application earlier rather than later as there will be a set number of positions to fill, and applying earlier also indicates your eagerness to join the organisation.

• Can I apply in second year?

A) Graduate schemes are only open to current graduates or those that will be graduating before the position starts (i.e. those in their third year of study). If you are in your second year of study and would like to gain experience – an undergraduate placement would be more suitable.

• What application methods are used?

A) Application methods vary, however the majority of schemes will request a completed application form. If successful you may then be asked to attend an assessment centre, have a telephone/face to face interview or undergo testing (psychometric – verbal or numerical reasoning etc.). There is usually a correlation between the size of the organisation recruiting and the number of recruitment stages.

• What do they judge me on?

A) All employers, whether they have a graduate scheme or not, will judge you by more than just your academic grades. They will be interested in any previous work experience that you may have and the relevant skills that you are able to demonstrate. It is therefore crucial to have an understanding of the skills required within the position and desired by the organisation.

• Why do they want to know my UCAS points?

A) Have you noticed that some graduate schemes state that they will only consider applicants with a set amount of UCAS points? This is a method used by a number of employers in order to reduce the number of applications they consider. Graduate schemes can receive thousands of applications, so some organisations will use UCAS points as a way to filter out potential candidates.

• I graduated last year – can I still apply?

A) The majority of schemes are open for ‘recent’ graduates. The definition of what is considered to be ‘recent’ can vary between organisations. When in doubt, contact the organisation directly. However, if you have graduated within the last few years you will usually find that you are eligible to apply for graduate schemes.

• What are my other options?

A) Are you not interested in applying for a graduate scheme or have you failed to obtain a place? Well, the truth is that the majority of students find work within SMEs (small or medium sized enterprises). While SMEs may not have the glamour of a graduate scheme within a multinational organisation, a position with an SME can provide you with greater diversity in the work you undertake, more responsibility from day one, and the opportunity to progress quickly.

Graduate Schemes and Opportunities open NOW for 2014

These companies are now hiring ready for their 2014 intake. Make sure you know their deadline dates and check their websites on a regular basis!

Please note this list provides a brief outline of a select number of graduate schemes. There will be others that are open for applications – it is important to do additional research.

Specific Organisations:

Arcadia Group: http://www.arcadiagroup.co.uk/careers Continuous recruitment roles all year round

Augusta Westland: http://www.agustawestland.com/careers Business and Engineering programmes available – please check the website for regular application deadline dates

Airbus: http://www.airbus.com/work/ Opportunities available in Engineering, Programme & Project Management and support functions such as Procurement and Supply Chain Logistics. Please check the website for regular application deadline dates

Asda: http://www.asda.jobs/graduates Graduate schemes open September/October 2013 for 2014 intake. Programmes include: Retail Management, Distribution, Trading (Buying), Finance, IT Solutions Management, Marketing, Ecommerce, HR, Store Development, Customer Service and Supply.

Atkins: http://www.atkinsglobal.co.uk/careers/graduates Ongoing recruitment – But please apply early!

Baker Tilly: http://careers.bakertilly.co.uk Continuous recruitment roles but beneficial to apply early. 280 UCAS points and 2.1 required

Bosch: http://www.bosch.co.uk/careers Opens in October 2013 for 2014 intake. Apply early in autumn 2013!

BP: http://www.bp.com/ukgraduates Graduate Programmes in Engineering, Science, HR, Business, Accounting, Energy Management available – please check the website for regular application deadline dates

British Sugar: http://notjustsugar.com/Graduate-Schemes.aspx Graduate Schemes in Business, Finance, Engineering, Science and Procurement now open – deadline for applications is January 2014, 2.1 required

Coca Cola: http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/careers/ Recruitment schemes now open for 2014 graduate roles!

Compass Group: http://www.jobsatcompass.co.uk/ Continuous recruitment roles all year round in Business, Event Management, Finance, Retail, Operations and Professional Services roles

Deloitte: http://mycareer.deloitte.com/uk/en Continuous recruitment roles (but beneficial to apply early), 300-320 UCAS points and 2.1 required for all programmes (including Audit, Tax, Consulting, Finance, Technology and Real Estate)

Ernst & Young: http://www.ey.com/UK/en/Careers/Students Autumn term recruitment, 320 UCAS points and 2.1 in any discipline required

GlaxoSmithKline: http://www.gsk.com/careers/uk-stud-grad-prog.htm (HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Science, Environment, Engineering, IT): Now open for 2014 intake! Apply before November 2013.

Grant Thornton: http://graduates.grant-thornton.co.uk/ Opens September 2013 – please check the website for regular application updates

GE – IT Leadership Programme: http://www.ge.com/careers/students/itlp/uk.html – please check the website for regular application updates

HSBC: http://jobs.hsbc.co.uk/graduates/ – please check the website for regular application updates

HW Fisher: http://www.hwfisher.co.uk/careers/graduate-recruitment HW Fisher & Co: Continuous recruitment roles, 280 UCAS points and 2.1 required

IBM: http://www-05.ibm.com/employment/uk/ Continuous recruitment roles, 2.1 required

J.P. Morgan: http://careers.jpmorgan.com/student/jpmorgan/careers/europe/apply – please check the website for regular application updates

Jaguar Land Rover: http://www.jaguarlandrovercareers.com/ Opens 1st September 2013 – deadline for applications is 31st December 2013 for 2014 intake, 2.2 required in any discipline

Mazars: http://www.mazars.co.uk/Home/Join-our-teams/Graduate-careers Continuous recruitment roles, 280-300 UCAS points and 2.1 required

Mercer: http://uk.mercer.com/referencecontent.htm?idContent=1318265 Continuous recruitment roles, 2.1 required – please check the website for regular application updates

Nomura: http://www.nomura.com/europe/careers/ Opens September 2013, 2.1 required – deadline for applications (depending on the programme) is December 2013/January 2014

Office For National Statistics: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/jobs/index.html Continuous recruitment roles all year round

Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org.uk/About-us/Jobs Continuous recruitment all year round (voluntary and paid)

Sainsbury’s: http://sainsburys.jobs/graduates Graduate schemes now open for 2014 intake until late December 2013 – 2.1 required in any discipline – programmes available in Logistics and Supply Chain, Commercial and People

Thales: http://ukgrads.thalesgroup.com/search-jobs-and-apply.aspx – Continuous recruitment roles – please check the website for regular application updates

United Biscuits: http://www.ubgraduates.com/ (roles available in HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing) – please check the website for regular application updates

Useful Links

Whether it’s a graduate position, placement, work experience, further study or general information, these sites can offer you some advice:

http://www.coventry.prospects.ac.uk Coventry University Online Vacancy System
http://www.prospects.ac.uk Graduate Jobs, further study and course information
http://www.graddiary.com Upcoming application deadline dates for graduates schemes
http://www.linkedin.com Great opportunity to network online with employers
http://www.targetjobs.co.uk Graduate Jobs, work experience, career advice, employers and news
http://www.jobs.ac.uk Graduate Jobs in the public sector
http://www.milkround.com Graduate Jobs
http://www.thegraduate.co.uk Graduate Jobs and career advice
http://www.gradaute-jobs.co.uk Graduate Jobs, employers and advice

Coventry University cannot accept responsibility for the contents of external websites.

Sean & Chris 🙂


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