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What a Job Hunter can learn from Andrew Barron Murray (no lie that is his real middle name!)

A lot of you will have seen Andy’s dramatic victory in the Wimbledon final at the weekend, particularly given that around 17 million of us tuned in to the TV. It is safe to say that he has come a long way emotionally, mentally and physically over the past few years, which has ultimately guided him on a road towards the top of his profession. With positive sporting idols becoming harder to find these days (Suarez, Woods and Warner to name but a few) I believe that we should not limit ourselves to just taking enjoyment from seeing Mr. Murray succeed. His achievements provide a perfect opportunity to clearly see the undeniable results of effort, determination, teamwork and belief – not forgetting the talent required to beat the likes of Novak Djokovic!


Contrasts: Murray after losing the 2012 Wimbledon Final & Murray after his heroic victory in 2013

Murray has found himself in a golden generation of Tennis, with the top 5 all with the potential to have ruled for a long time in eras gone by. Did he accept being just a great tennis player? No. Did he lose belief? No. Did he seek the help of others? Yes. Did he win Wimbledon? BY JOVE HE DID! (That is how they talk at Wimbledon right?). In a lot of ways you are in a similar position, albeit you are not going up against superstar tennis players. Often the competition for graduate scheme places and other work positions can be just as fierce.

The key characteristics that played an import role in Murray’s triumph: effort, determination, belief and teamwork are equally as vital when it comes to looking for a placement/job hunting. Without anyone of these you would be seriously disadvantaged.

When job hunting, if you suffer a setback – pick yourself up again. If you are trying hard, well then… try even harder. If you have people to support you in the process, let them support you. But ultimately, remember this – if you do not believe in your own abilities and worth, how do you expect an employer to?

With the teamwork point – I’m not suggesting that you hire Ivan Lendl to become your very own personal life coach whilst job hunting. Teamwork can take many forms in job hunting: a reassuring conversation with a friend, a family member proof reading your CV or even more helpful, come along to the Careers Service and let one of our Careers Consultants help you out! (02477 652011)

Sean 🙂


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