Improve your employability for £100 or less: Introducing the PgCert in Leadership and Career Development

In November of last year I got involved in something that I said that I would never do.

Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as it sounds! I’m talking about Postgraduate study.

Whilst I really enjoyed my time at University, the thought of willingly returning to a life of references, proofreading and deadlines after the four years spend on undergraduate degree was literally the stuff of nightmares. After the experience of going on placement, I found myself more than ready to enter the 9-5 day, weekends that fly by as quick as Concorde and living from bank holiday to bank holiday.


(That is not me in the photo!)

Then the offer came up – a 5 month online, part time course aimed at improving my employability skills, also, upon completion (if I passed it that is!) I would get a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership & Career Development. This can be used as the first step on the path towards a full Masters qualification (not that I was thinking about this at the time – baby steps and all that!)

Initially I worried about many things. Would I be able to dedicate enough time to the weekly activities and coursework after my work commitments? Will I remember how to write a report or reference correctly? And my personal favourite – how will studying impact on my many holidays!

I soon realised that if I was to be serious about doing the course then I would find the time to do the necessary work. If I wasn’t able to then the chances are that I have either poorly managed my time or spent too much time watching Big Bang Theory and Football (I did end up missing Arsenals great win against Bayern Munich in the Champions League as I was busy doing coursework..)

The course runs for around 5 months in total and is divided into the following three topic areas:

  • Module 1 – Career Development

This module is focused on providing an insight into the graduate labour market, in particular within the area that you are wishing to enter. It covers the skills required, as well as further understanding as to the recruitment methods that are regularly used.

  • Module 2 – Project Management for Business

This module aims to develop awareness and understanding of project management including factors that can affect projects, as well as the skills and processes that are required. Being able to apply the knowledge learnt to a real life case study was a particular highlight of this module.

  • Module 3 – Management and Leadership for Graduates

Module 3 takes an in-depth look at management and leadership style and its impact upon organisational success and to graduate recruitment. This is achieved through analysing different leadership theories and how they need to be adapted depending on the context of the organisation.

Throughout the course, the content is delivered via the ALE (Animated Learning Environment); this consists of animated characters, presentations and videos from the module leaders within the course. This is ideal if you are a visual learner as it really helps to keep you interested and portray the principles that are covered within each of the modules. In conjunction with the ‘ALE’, tutorial support is available as and when you require it through a number of channels (via email, phone or in a face to face appointment – depending on your location!)


The Animated Learning Environment

Each module lasts for 6 weeks, culminating in the module coursework submission and a short break before the commencement of the next module.

Overall, the PGcert in Leadership and Career Development had made me take a much more detailed look  not only at my future career plan, but also provided a chance to gain a detailed insight into the health of the sector that I wish to enter.

The online delivery of the module was a slightly different style I have experienced before, however it is the perfect format for a graduate as it enables you to study whilst not having to attend lectures which would probably clash with work commitments. It is important to note however, if you want to do well then you will need to dedicate enough time to reading the essential materials – as well as finding additional sources. After all, this course is at Postgraduate level, so you will need to step your game up!

The course is available to Coventry graduates in the year after course completion and costs £100. However, if you find yourself unemployed in this period (and can provide the appropriate proof) then you can obtain the course free of charge. I repeat, you can obtain the course FREE of charge. I think you will agree that this is particularly bargainous.

To find out more information about this course or if you are eligible, click here

Sean 🙂


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