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Crackin’ the SET (Science, Engineering & Technology) recruitment myth!


No Graduate jobs? This is a story we hear again and again. The media is constantly awash with negative stories and attitudes towards finding that all-important graduate job. Every week numerous, contradicting statistics are released – so what is the deal?

Science, Engineering and Technology students heads are forever being filled with stories such as; Salaries aren’t very high, opportunities aren’t very exciting and that opportunities are rare. Giving them a negative image of the SET graduate market. In fact here at Gradcracker we know this to be quite the opposite!

The SET industry is one of the most exciting industries out there – from building and designing record-breaking buildings such as the Shard to sending astronauts in to space. The opportunities and experiences are endless. The British economy is heavily dependent on the industry as it contributes massively to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Money is constantly being allocated by the government, to increase the productivity of the UK and create jobs in Science, Engineering and Technology. A recent example of this being the £2 billion invested by the government to the aerospace industry that will help secure around 115,000 jobs. The aerospace industry alone contributes £24 billion to the economy each year.

From small local companies to global giants the demand for Science, Engineering and Technology graduates is increasing. A recent High Fliers survey showed that the biggest growth in vacancies is expected in Engineering and Industrial companies. Not only are the amounts of roles increasing but there has also been a 20% increase in applications to these roles compared to a year ago. Contrary to popular belief the most generous salaries for graduates lie within the Oil & Energy sector. Most Science, Engineering and Technology students can expect to start on over £20,000, with the average starting salary being £26,000.

On Gradcracker over 150 Science, Engineering and Technology employers advertise their undergraduate and graduate roles all year round. Not only can you view the roles but you can find out about the company, watch videos and read employee profiles before you apply. So don’t believe the myths surrounding the SET employment market get on and discover the truth – there are many opportunities out there for you!

By Claire Sugden at Gradcracker

Gradcracker is the careers website for Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) university students and for employers of SET undergraduates and graduates. Our employers receive over 4,000 visitors a day to their corporate websites direct from Gradcracker is now in its sixth year and the UK’s leading employers recognise it as the number one place to recruit SET students – over 300 companies regularly advertise on 


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