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Are you ahead of the graduate job competition? The bird is the word!

Are you a final year student? Have you started looking for the dream job yet? If not then it would be wise to get the ball rolling ASAP.

An article published this week stated that more than 22% of final year students (rising to 29% in the south east!) are actively looking for the dream grad job before their year of graduation, and you know what they say – the early bird catches the worm! In this case, that super-organised classmate on your course is the ‘early bird’ and that lovely, generously paid job in a industry leading company is the worm (just in case you needed it explaining…)

Don’t worry – I will stop talking about birds now!

It may be that you are focusing on applying to a particular graduate scheme, and therefore are unable to apply until your final year which is understandable – however it is always good to keep your options open. You need to position yourself so that you are able to react to the unexpected twists and turns that you may experience whilst entering the graduate job market.

While some of your fellow course mates may have already secured graduate employment – perhaps in the organisation they have done a gap year placement with, the majority of students will have to spend a good deal of time actively researching, searching and applying for a graduate positions. Make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to be competitive – you owe it to yourself after all of those years attending 9am lectures!

As a start – here is a selection of the most useful ‘graduate job’ websites around for you to have a look at.

Don’t forget – the careers service is here to support you in the quest for graduate employment, so pop in to see us! You can also call us on 02477652011 to book an appointment.

To read more about the article mentioned above, visit:

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